Metal, Canvas or Photographic Print

Show off your family or graduation photo session by printing your images and displaying them in your home. Can't decide between metal, canvas or photographic paper? Here are some tips.

Metal - Nothing says "vibrant" more than a metal print. It is like your images from our session take on depth and dimension. A grouping of metal prints will be a beautiful contemporary addition to your home. Metal prints are my favorite because they showcase the rich red dirt, sunsets, and blue skies of Southern Utah. They are worth the splurge.

Canvas Gallery Wrap - Handcrafted canvas stretched over wooden bars for wall art that creates a timeless focal point for you to enjoy. We can create a grouping that will showcase the whole family and each individual family member from our family photo session. I like canvas gallery wraps in float frames to add an extra wow factor.

Photographic Prints - the most cost-effective choice of the three. I use a full-service professional lab that uses professional grade archival paper. BUT, more importantly they are experts in color accuracy and quality. Sure, you can get prints made on your own but lean on my expertise in getting the sizing right and the quality you deserve.

Margie Temme Photography offers a designing service to create your perfect wall art gallery. You can take a cell phone picture of any wall in your home. I will use my special software that will create a scaled mock-up that will give you a preview of exactly how your artwork will look on your wall. We can tweak it multiple times to get it just right. Most people underestimate the size of prints needed to create a nice display. Let me help you!

Parents & Grandparents love to show off their kids & grandkids. Help them do that by gifting them a smaller gift print. It will be their favorite gift hands down.


Margie Temme Photography - St. George Utah